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Nelle De Beuckeleer

Member of EXARC since

Since 2022 I started as Archeo-tolk (archaeao-interpreter) to make children, teachers and families enthousiastic for life in the Stone Age. This is done through hands-on workshops and showing (hand-made) replicas of artefacts. My passion goes to Neolithic ceramics, which I got to know better through experimental archeology for my final dissertation. For me, being an Archeo-tolk also means translating (FR-NL) and editing public texts on prehistory. This way I still remain connected to the Préhistomuseum (Liège), where I gained my first work experience in public archaeology. Next to these activities I am today museum educator in Turnhout for 3 museums with different themes. As a hobby I occasionaly participate at the European Championships of prehistoric weapons.