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Peter Wiking

Member of EXARC since
Crafts & Skills

I started in 1997 to work at Ekehagens Forntidsby, where I got in contact with flintknapping. Worked there for 8 years as schoolinstructor, prehistory technologies as flintknapping. I worked with Uppsala, Lund and Malmö universities with different Flint/stone experiments. Also teaching flintknapping at Gothenburg University to their archaeology students every year. Working with different Swedish media doing documentary about stoneage.
I love everything about flintknapping and other stones.
My speciality is all kind of indirect work, as Square axes and flintblades.
I doing replica and also teaching flintknapping in all levels. Worked with Museums all over Sweden and doing demonstrations.
I have study Archaeology at distance but I am not full educated.