Geschichtspark Bärnau-Tachov (DE)

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In Bärnau (Bavaria), this park depicts everyday life in this part of Germany from the 8th to 12th century. The association Via Carolina e.V. is responsible for the park, helped by an advisory committee of scientific consultants advising both on the houses and the way life is depicted here.

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Opened already in 2011, the first phase of construction work will be ready in 2013, counting all in all about 20 (re)constructed buildings.
The Slavic Village shows the early medieval period but also refers to the times when under Charlemagne the Ottonians conquer the country, get things organised and build motte-and-bailey castles, as one example will show in the Geschichtspark. This is constructed on an artificial mound surrounded by water and easy to defend. The new rulers also brought a new religion of which a small wooden church bears witness.
The next stop for the visitors is a 13th century inspired village: no Slavic or Early German but sawn wooden beams and planks, a blacksmith, ‘modern’ agriculture and what is known in German as “Fachwerk”. The village was lucky to be on the Golden Street, the road between Nuremberg and Prague.

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