Archeopark dell’Etna (IT)

The Archeopark Etna is the first real-life prehistoric interactive village reconstructed in Sicily on the basis of archaeological documentation obtained in Sicily, in particular Etna, and experimentations in the field of lithic, textile, ceramic and agricultural crafts. A dynamic educational park, open to the public and schools, aiming to demonstrate the millenarian bond of people with the territory by means of an experiential path.

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In a hut daily activities are reproduced: spinning, weaving, milling of cereals, wining of vegetable fibers, working of clay, decorative painting by crushing natural pigments, processing of animal bones and wood to make ornaments and tools of various kinds; a large sampling of vases faithfully reproduced according to ancient methods is shown. The experimental aspect continues with the chipping of flint, quartzite, obsidian, and the demonstration of the various methods of making fire, in order to show how often the history books are simplifying, creating the prerequisite for telling the story of the hunter who lives in a second hut by making his tools. There is the sepulchral area, with the reproduction of a dolmen tomb, documented in the Etna area, and visitors can try their hand at archery, in prehistoric painting and in the making of clay pots.

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