Archeopark Mesopotamia (RU)

Archeopark Mesopotamia (Археопарк Междуречье), just 25 km north from Ulyanovsk, is an archaeological open-air museum and archaeological reservation of 250 hectares. It includes as well a small hotel and an indoor museum. A visit starts with a guided tour which includes demonstration of craftspeople.

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The reservation holds so-called forest towns (9th – 12th century AD) as well as traces of the earlier Imenkov Culture (4th – 7th century AD) including iron smelting furnaces and traces of pottery making.
Archeopark Mesopotamia is a successful organiser of larger historic festivals, skill straining and international experimental archaeology conferences.
The archaeological open-air museum offers among others an early Iron Age hillfort, an early medieval settlement, a medieval nomadic area with Yurts and presentations about the Stone Age and Bronze Age. There are also two workshops, one on ceramics and one on working with stone.

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