Castro de Elviña (ES)

Few kilometres south of La Coruna, in the northern coast of Spain, excavations started in 1947 and discovered a huge (7- 8 hectares) iron age and Roman fortified settlement. In 2002 a new campaign took place with the support from the local committee of La Coruna and the site is now open to the public. Volunteers as well as professionals and university students are involved in the wider frame of the Proyecto Artabria funded also by the Consellería de Cultura de la Xunta de Galicia and both the Ministerios de Cultura and Fomento.

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The settlement was encircled by strong stone walls in a double circle and the buildings inside have a typical quadrangular or circular shape and have been named for the characteristics of the findings recovered within (the house of the treasure, for example). An interesting rectangular stone lined well delves 5 meters deep and presents double stairs access on the short sides which probably were constructed in modern times. Some parts of the village, among which the entrance walls of the so called croa (acropolis), have been reconstructed in situ. Free guided tours are available across the year.


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