Geschichtsdorf Landersdorf (DE)

Already for a long period of time, the Naturhistorische Gesellschaft Nürnberg e.V. (NHG), has been active in the region of the municipality Roth with many excavations showing the continuous habitation of the region since Neolithic times.

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Fritz Loy was active in the NHG and initiated in 1991 the building of a Hallstatt period type dwelling based on a nearby find in Untermainbach (now Schwabach) in Mittelfranken. The original house used to be part of a village like setting. What is special about this initiative, is that Mr Loy decided to have it built on his own land and make it publicly accessible. It is home of a very pleasant Celtic festival, on the third Sunday in September every year.

About 10 years later, the coordination of the Celtic House was transferred from Nürnberg to the local "Freunde der Vor- und Frühgeschichte Landersdorf e.V." and the plan was made to turn the single house presentation into a ‘History Village Landersdorf”. Thanks to LEADER+, a European programme for the development of rural areas, June 2006, a Neolithic type dwelling could be opened going back on the finds of Pestenacker, a site of the Altheimer Culture. Advise when planning the Neolithic house came from the NHG and the “Landesamt für Denkmalpflege”. Pestenacker was selected as it is the only known dwelling of this era which allows conclusions about the interior planning and how it was used. One can discern a living quarter and a goat stable, an oven was found as well as remains of what probably are wooden benches. The sleeping area was not found. This Neolithic building is much different from the wattle and daub Celtic house previously constructed as it is made entirely of wood, but with a roofing of rye stems. The floor in the living quarters is made of birch trunks covered with loam, in the stable area with leaves. Besides Pestenacker itself, local Neolithic finds (of the “Chamer Group”, which is a little more recent) were also used as example.

A Bajuwarian house (Early Middle Ages) is planned (statement 2009), going back on finds from nearby. The different houses of different eras are visually separated with bushes.

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