Posyolok Predkov (RU)

The complex of historical reconstructions “Ancestors Village” (Посёлок предков) in the Khakassky State Nature Reserve is unique for Khakassia in its concept and forms of work with visitors. On its territory, right under the open sky, the dwellings of the ancient peoples who once inhabited the territory of modern Khakassia are located.

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The copies of dwellings recreated with scientific accuracy belong to different archaeological cultures (Okunevskoj, taštykskoj, tagarskoj, kyrgyz) and, thanks to the realism of their exterior and interior, they literally reflect the traces of ancient civilizations.

There is a dwelling and an idol of the Okunevskaya Culture of the Bronze Age, a dwelling of the Tagar Culture (Bronze Age - Early Iron Age), a dwelling of the Tashtyk Culture (early Iron Age) and also a nomad house (yurt) of the medieval Kyrgyz Culture.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the lifestyles of ancient peoples, to see and touch the furnishings, the ancient wagon, weapons and armor, items of mystical destination and try to create their own vision of the ancient history of Khakassia.

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