Steinzeitdorf Kussow (DE)

The Stone Age Village at Kussow exists of several huts and houses with North German excavations of the late Mesolithic and early Neolithic period as source.

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There is a model of a long grave, a garden with old types of plants as well as an area with old breeds of animals. Finally, there is an exhibition of copies of Mesolithic and Neolithic tools. The museum runs a program of experimental and experiential archaeology combined with living history. Tourists can do activities such as weaving, pottery, shooting bow and arrow as well as shooting with the atlatl.
School programmes start with a video and a tour through the Stone Age village, following by aforementioned activities.
The idea for the Stone Age Park Kussow derived from the nearby presence of megalithic tombs. An association to counter unemployment in the region runs the museum. Goal is to show a vivid image of the Neolithic and explain this to the public. Another goal is to help people to employment and therefore help the regional development.

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