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An Introduction to Flintknapping

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United Kingdom

This course aims to teach the basics of flintknapping. The course is targeted at complete beginners. Attendees will be introduced to a range of flaked stone tools, learn about the properties of knappable material like flint and the principals of flake removal using soft and hard hammers. They will make basic stone tools during the session that they can take away. 

Flintknapping is the earliest craft that we know our ancestors practiced. The oldest stone tools date to over 3 million years ago and some believe it was our ability to make tools out of stone that allowed for our evolution into the modern humans we are today. This is a rare opportunity to learn a craft practiced by very few people that links us to our ancient past. 

The Ancient Technology Centre is an outdoor education center and open-air museum which specialises in using practical activities to teach people about the past. Skills-based workshops for adults are run on a seasonal basis by experienced tutors. Tutor Nada Khreisheh has 15 years of experience of flintknapping, having studied at the University of Exeter under Bruce Bradley, an expert flintknapper. She has published work on using experimental archaeology to understand the evolution of modern human brains and intelligence, which involved teaching flintknapping skills to people of all ages. 

Suitable for ages 16+. 

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