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Nice to meet you, Indiana Jones!


Have you ever dreamed to enter the lab of a true archaeologist? Today throughout Europe we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Journèes nationales de l'archéologie, and the friends of Bostel di Rotzo OAM (VI) will visit us for a day dedicated to the study of the past and its dissemination with innovative methods.

In the morning with study of ancient remains, analysis and hypothesis you will feel like a REAL ARCHAEOLOGIST, while in the afternoon you will be able to experience VIRTUAL REALITY and AUGMENTED REALITY.


10 am – 6  pm guided tours to the reconstructed pile dwellings
11 am -1 pm ARCHEO-PUZZLE workshop
2 pm -6 pm experiences of VIRTUAL REALITY and AGUMENTED REALITY, a space-time game between real and virtual reality.

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Ufficio IAT Conegliano
from Tuesday to Friday,  9.30 am - 12.30 am
tel.  0438.21230