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Robert Schmits

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I am a Dutch national but live in Italy since 1983 and since 1994 in Rome. I have always been interested in history and archeology but in particular my interest has always gone out to the Romans and the Roman Empire.

Moving to Italy and to Rome reinforced my passion, first by all the visits to the numerous sites and museums in Italy and in Rome and also because I came in contact in 2002 with a nonprofit organization called Legio XXX Vlpia Traiana Victrix which represents a Roman Legion from the Trajan/ Hadrian period.

In 2006 when my workload dropped considerably I became a member of the group after I had seen that the objectives of the group were very serious and after I had discovered that the military equipment of the group had been reconstructed meticulously by the group and were exact copies of drawings in M.C. Bishop and J.C.N. Coulston book – Roman Military Equipment. Much of all the equipment of our group has been designed and manufactured by Ettore Pizzuti and the 3 other partners of our group Mauro Tomassi, Enzo Modica and Mauro Boccarini.

Since 2006 the group has evolved and added civilian trades, such as manufacturing fabric on 2 warp-weighted Roman looms, making mosaics, preparing various Roman foodstuffs, the experimenting with natural substances for dyeing fabric and stucco etcetera.

Our group practices many facts of experimental archeology, I can list digging a trench in armor as seen on Trajans Column, making fire, reconstructing by trial and error a plausible system to carry the scutum and be ready for battle without stopping a march. How to change out fatigued legionnaires at the frontline without breaking formation, How to change out a complete centurio without breaking battle formation, Casting bronze artifacts, reconstruction amphora, erecting watchtowers with a Roman A-frame, the construction of two looms, the construction of a complete set of chirurgical instruments etc. We have recently displayed our trades and military equipment during special events in the Museo della Civiltà Romana.

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