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George Thomas Crawford

Member of EXARC since

I became interested in preindustrial technology through archery, boomerangs, throwing sticks, and spear throwers in the 1980s. This ultimately lead me into a three decade career as a professional archaeologist with my final academic stint as the Director of the Clovis site (Blackwater Draw NHL) and serving on staff at Eastern New Mexico University. My interests are widely varied, spreading from bows, arrows, and boomerangs into virtually every other bit of life prior to industrialization. I'm often curious about the simple things; fires and lamps, fiber working, clothing, and footwear. I have been delighted to see the community of experiential archaeologist grow out of the experimental days and hope to be part of it until I die.

I feel that the last decade of my professional career has been the most important by focusing on bringing prehistory (and history) to the public through museum work, talks, presentations, and giving into the broader community of primitive technologists.