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Konsta Nikkanen

Member of EXARC since

I’m an exhibition technician working in KAMU Espoo City Museum, Finland. I’m also a vice-chair of Finnish Museum Technical association with a Master craftsman’s degree in museum technology.
I love outdoor museums and historical buildings and one of my tasks is to do administrative and procurement work to enable crafts, workshops and pedagogy in our two outdoor museum branches: Glims Farmstead Museum and Pentala Archipelago Museum.
While working in Espoo Museum I’ve built several prehistorical and historical exhibitions with a strong emphasis on craft workshops and experimental archaeology. I’ve designed and crafted hands-on-exhibits also to other Finnish museum exhibitions and originally got involved in museum world through ancient crafts and re-enactment.
I started with historical trekking activities and primitive shelter building in the late 90’s and haven’t stopped since. Lately I’ve been really hyped about early modern ski replicas and winter trekking / hunting / survival in general and I organize short and long treks with prehistoric or historic equipment in every season. I’m a founding member of Finnish-Swedish 17th century re-enactment group GARS (Thirty Years' War infantry), I shoot black powder firearms and I’ve written about military history for museum publications.