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Dr Sonja Guber

Member of EXARC since
Crafts & Skills

Since 1995 I am interested in archaeological open-air museums, living history and hands-on activities in order to get people excited to learn about and experience prehistoric times.
Since 2005 I am in contact with EXARC, started attending meetings and was accepted as affiliated member. Shortly after I started working in a team of volunteers for the Zeiteninsel-project: Zeiteninsel - archaeological open-air museum in central Germany near Marburg (EXARC member)
In 2013 I have worked as a management assistant at the Oldenburger Wallmuseum, Germany (EXARC member). In both museums I have worked/still working in the areas of administration, public relations, education, guided tours et cetera.
In 2017 formation of Immenzit - Archaeobeekeeping and Beekeeping knowledge. My focus lies in researching beekeeping in prehistoric central Europe, the rediscovering of methods and the implementation of prehistoric beekeeping in an archaeological open-air museum (in cooperation with Zeiteninsel - archaeological open-air museum Marburger Land, Germany). I can offer information, guided tours, display with tools and material about prehistoric beekeeping as Archaeologist and trained beekeeper (full time apprenticeship). I am a native German speaker, am fluent in English and have basic knowledge in Swedish.