2019 May - 11th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC11, Trento, Italy

Co-organised by
University of Trento

EXARC (https://exarc.net) and University of Trento (www.unitn.it) are pleased to announce the 11th Experimental Archaeology Conference (#EAC11), which will be held in University of Trento, Italy, on the 2-4 May 2019. 

The University of Trento was founded in 1962 as an institute for social sciences. It was a pioneering institution which housed Italy’s first Faculty of Sociology. Over the following decades, Trento expanded into the sciences and other subjects, and it achieved considerable results in didactics, research, and international relations, according to CENSIS and the Italian Ministry of Education.

University of TrentoThe didactic and scientific activities are concentrated around three main "areas": the city area, with the Departments of Economics and Management, Sociology, Humanities, the Faculty of Law, and the School of International Studies; the hill area, with the Departments of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and CIBIO - Centre for Integrative Biology; the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and CIMeC - Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences in Rovereto.

#EAC11 venue is the Humanities Department of University of Trento for the first two days, with excursions on the third day. Inaugurated few years ago, the Department (www.lettere.unitn.it) is a modern building located in the historic center at Via Tommaso Gar 14, 38122 Trento TN, a few hundred meters from Piazza Duomo and can be reached in about five minutes on foot from the train and bus station. It hosts the "B.Bagolini" Laboratory (www.laboratoriobagolini.it), the research unit dedicated to Prehistoric Archaeology.  



This includes the conference itself, the conference bag, coffee breaks and lunch both days (2-3 May). All delegates need to register, also those giving a paper or poster. Your registration is complete upon paying the registration fee, you will receive the invoice after filling out the registration form. Please Register here.

Please note you need to book your accommodation by yourself. 

Note: Registration is open until March 31; payment must be received in our account before April 10.
Authors of papers or posters need to be registered and paid for by March 15.
For EXARC members, in order to receive the EXARC discount, one has to have their membership paid before March 15. 

Special offer for employees and students of the University of Trento - Limited amount of places available!
If you are connected to the University of Trento, you can join the sessions at a reduced fee - 25 EUR. This will give you access to the lecture rooms and get you a conference badge. You can also join the coffee breaks with posters and table presentations. You will not receive a conference bag, nor lunch. Of course you are welcome to join in the excursions and dinners, at extra costs. Remember: no badge means no access to the lectures. Please Register here.



Updated: March 18, 2019

Arriving Day - Wednesday, May 1, 2019

18:00h Get together at Birreria Frost, reserve your table at https://www.forst-trento.it

Day 1 - Thursday, May 2, 2019

7:30 Registration
8:30 Welcome from the Trento University
Location: Auditorium
8:45 Welcome from EXARC
Location: Auditorium
9:00 Keynote: 
Experiments from the South. An Iberian Perspective on Experimental Archaeology
by Javier Baena (ES)
Read more
Location: Auditorium
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Session 1A
Location: Auditorium
Session 1B
Location: Aula 1
10:20 Paper 1: The Skuldelev 3 Reconstruction, Roar Ege: from Reconstruction to Retirement See Abstract
by Dael & Sørensen (DK)
Paper 7: Using the Artistic Expression as an Experimental Research: the Parabita Venuses Case Study See Abstract
by Basile (IT)
10:40 Paper 2: Constructing the Mesolithic: A History of Reconstructions of Huts in the Netherlands See Abstract
by de Raaff (NL)
Paper 8: Ancestral Puebloan Grooved Bone Tools: an experimental Approach to discerning Function See Abstract
by Emmerich (UK)
11:00 Paper 3: Experimental Archaeology and Textile Research: Results from a Multidisciplinary Study for Interpreting the Actual Use of Spindle-Whorls See Abstract
by Forte (IT)
Paper 9: Roman Bone Artefacts – Experimental Archaeology and preliminary Studies of Use-Wear on Roman Bone Tools See Abstract
by Müller & Wojtczak (CH)
11:20 Paper 4: Experiments in Perishable Materials and Skills: from Land to Hand See Abstract
by Hurcombe (UK)
Paper 10: Mesolithic Bone Adzes. Experiments with their Production and Use See Abstract
by Orłowska (PL)
11:40 Paper 5: Replication of Archaeological and Ethnographic Māori Textiles See Abstract
by McKendry (NZ) 
Paper 11: The Australian Native Animal Bush Tucker Project: Combining experimental Archaeology, traditional Analysis and Ethnography See Abstract
by Garvey (AU)
12:00  Paper 6: Experimental Archaeology and (re)-experiencing the Senses of the early medieval World See Abstract
by O'Sullivan & O'Neill (IE)
Paper 12: The Role of Ethnoarchaeology in Experimental Archaeological Sampling Techniques See Abstract
by Sawyer (UK)
12:20 Poster 1: Testing and comparing the Functionality of prehistoric Sicilian Spools in textile Production through experimental Weaving See Abstract
by Żebrowska (PL)
Poster 2: Knapping bone Tools: an experimental Approach See Abstract
by Mateo-Lomba (ES)
12:25 Discussion Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session 1C
Location: Auditorium
Session 1D
Location: Aula 1
14:30 Paper 13: Columella’s Wine: a Roman Enology Experiment
by Indelicato (IT) See Abstract
Paper 16: Tepe Gawra, Evidence of an Advanced Technology out of Time? See Abstract
by Belgiornio (CY)
14:50 Paper 14: Bones, Seeds and Spices: using experimental and culinary archaeology to recreate and experience Irish medieval meals See Abstract
by L'Estrange (IE) 
Paper 17: How to understand Australian late Pleistocene Scaphopod Shell Beads Use by making and wearing experimentally made Shell Beads See Abstract
by Hook (AU)
15:10 Paper 15: Porridge for a Palaeolithic dinner. Experimenting the multistep Processing of Oats See Abstract
by Revedin (IT) 
Paper 18: Making and Using Beads and Pendants at Mesolithic Star Carr See Abstract
by Little (UK)
15:30 Poster 3: Reconstructing Bread Ovens and other Structures for cooking: from archaeological Finds to Experimentations See Abstract by Debandi (IT)
Poster 4: Experimental Cultivations: Data and Suggestions for the Evaluation of Bronze Age Resource Management in northern Italy See Abstract by Cattani (IT)
Poster 5: Firing the Earth: the experimental Reconstruction of an ancient Neolithic underground Oven of Portonovo (IT) See Abstract, by Conati (IT)
Poster 6: New experimental Studies on the processing of Fish See Abstract by Kuriga (PL)
Poster 7: Techno-functional Study of the "lignite" Ornament Elements of the Boira Fusca Cave (Cuorgnè, loc. Salto-Torino) See Abstract by Viola (IT) 
Poster 8: Experiencing Knowledge. Construction of earthen Mortars in Cremona (IT) See Abstract by Landi (IT)
Poster 9: We should break Things off - an experimental Investigation into soaking Antler See Abstract by Langley (UK)
Poster 10: Technologies of the production of Couronian type sword parts during 11-13th centuries See Abstract by Tomsons (LV)
15:50 Discussion Discussion
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 Session 1E
Location: Auditorium
Session 1F
Location: Aula 1
16:40 Paper 19: The Theory of Experience: Why experimental Archaeology is an effective Tool to understand the Past See Abstract
by Stull (US)
Paper 22: Reconstruction and Innovation: the use of Experimental Archaeology in interpreting Copper Smelting Processes See Abstract
by Hanning (DE)
17:00 Paper 20: Trampling Experiments – A Contribution To Pseudo-Retouch Issue See Abstract
by Šprem (HR)
Paper 23: Embossing Technique in the Second Iron Age: Experiments and First Results See Abstract
by Moretti & Mariani (IT)
17:20 Paper 21: Experimental Archaeology as a Complex Social Phenomenon. A Critical Social Sciences Qualitative Inquiry on Best Practices See Abstract
by Comis (IE)
Paper 24: Evidence of a killing Rite? An experimental Study of spheroidized Pearlite in iron Spearheads from early Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries See Abstract
by Welton (US)
17:40 Poster 11: “I Experiment So I Participate”. Archeofest Italian Experimental Archaeology Festival. Experience in Didactics and Scientific Divulgation See Abstract by Tucci (IT)
Poster 12: Collaborations between Experimental Archaeologists and Historians: Problems and Prospects See Abstract by Paxton & Bardsley (US)
Poster 13: From the Experiment to the school Dissemination. How to spread a local prehistoric Culture among Students in an interactive Way? See Abstract by Virruso (IT)
Poster 14: “A Mirror for Men” – Reconstructing a medieval polishing Bench and putting it to the Test See Abstract by Messner (AT)
Poster 15: Early/Middle Bronze Age Copper Sulphides Smelting in Cyprus: reconstructing metallurgical Technology through Slag Analysis See Abstract by Romeo Pitone (UK)
Poster 16: Socketed Axes of the Irish Late Bronze Age See Abstract by Runner (IE)
17:55 Discussion Discussion
18:30 Free Time
20:00 Dinner at Birreria Pedavena (Optional - at own expense - 30 EUR, need to register in advance)


Day 2 - Friday, May 3, 2019

8:30 Registration
9:00 Keynote: 
Re-Awakening Ancient Salish Sea Basketry on the Northwest Coast of North America: A Generationally-Linked Archaeology Approach
by Ed Carriere (CA) & Dale Croes (US) 
Read more
Location: Auditorium
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Session 2A
Location: Auditorium
Session 2B
Location: Aula 1
10:20 Paper 25: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Kiln Firing: a Case Study from Campus Galli See Abstract
by Amicone (DE)
Paper 30: Identification of Late Epigravettian hunting Injuries: experimental Data and archaeological Evidence of Projectile Impact Marks on Bone See Abstract
by Duches (IT)
10:40 Paper 26: One Updraft Kiln from Mayen – three Years of Experimental Archaeology: Research Approach, Numbers, Perspectives See Abstract
by Herdick (DE)
Paper 31: Keep it in your own Backyard: new experimental Perspectives on domestic, Iron Age Lithic Industries in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula See Abstract
by Cuenca (ES)
11:00 Paper 27: Fine Pottery Chaîne Opératoire from the Bronze Age site of Via Ordiere, Solarolo (RA): Experiments on the Relationship between Surface Treatments and Function See Abstract
by Zurzolo (IT)
Paper 32: Gestures during Knapping: Experimental Approach and Archaeological Recognition See Abstract
by Cueva Temprana (ES)
11:20 Paper 28: Recording Experience Of An Experiment. Questioning large “corded” plates from Late Bronze Age Uşaklı Höyük (Turkey) See Abstract
by Volante (IT)
Paper 33: An Experimental Glance on Prehistoric Woodworking: the Late Middle Pleistocene Digging Sticks of Poggetti Vecchi (IT) See Abstract
by Santaniello (IT)
11:40 Paper 29: Inside the Prehistoric Potter's Mind - an Element of the Unexpected See Abstract
by Kudelić (HR)
Paper 34: Investigating the Production of backed Points through Experimentation: an Application to the Case Study of Riparo Tagliente (VR, IT) See Abstract
by Fasser (IT)
12:00 Poster 17: Bronze Age Kilns in Northern Italy: where they were located and how they were made? See Abstract by La Torre (IT)
Poster 18: A First Assessment of the Technological and Functional Traces on the Pottery Surface of the Husking Trays See Abstract by Taranto (IT) 
Poster 19: Experimental Archaeology for the Interpretation of Pyrotechnological Processes: Characterisation of a Firing Pit See Abstract by Costa (IT)
Poster 20Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Grotta La Fabbrica (Grosseto, IT) scaled Pieces in the Light of the experimental Data See Abstract by Conforti (IT)
Poster 21: The Value of mechanised Testing for reconstructing Use-wear – experimentally Alluring, but archaeologically problematic? A Case Study on replica Bronze Age Palstave Axes See Abstract by Andrews (UK)
Poster 22: “Basalt” Handaxes: preliminarily Testing the “Lithic Translation Strategy” Hypothesis and some Comparisons to the Fontana Ranuccio Sites bifacial Tools See Abstract by Chelidonio (IT)
12:15 Discussion Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session 2C
Location: Auditorium
Session 2D
Location: Aula 1
14:30 Paper 35: Experimental Archaeology as an equal methodological Partner: the integrated Approach of the Tracing the Potter’s Wheel Project See Abstract
by Jeffra (NL)
Paper 38: Experimental Approach to the Study of Hand-held Percussion in the early Acheulean of Casablanca (Morocco) See Abstract
by Gallotti (IT)
14:50 Paper 36: Tisza and Vinča Pottery Technology: an experimental and archaeometric Approach See Abstract
by Mirković-Marić (RS)
Paper 39: Experimental Research on Neolithic Grinding Stones from Göbekli Tepe, Southeastern Turkey at the Museum Village Düppel in Berlin See Abstract
by Heeb & Dietrich (DE)
15:10 Paper 37: An experimental Approach towards inferring Pottery Function by Microwear Analysis See Abstract
by van Gijn (NL)
Paper 40: Neanderthal Stone-Tipped Spear Technology: an Experimental Investigation See Abstract
by La Porta (UK)
15:30 Poster 23: The Experimental Archaeological Construction of a New Big Iron Age House Model in Mitterkirchen in Upper Austria See Abstract by Lobisser (AT)
Poster 24: Projekt Navis – Reconstruction, Presentation and Use of archaeological Heritage through building ancient Vessels See Abstract by Perko (SL)
Poster 25: Thermal Alteration of Flint Material: experimental Observations See Abstract by Fiers (BE)
Poster 26: How to burn Flint in a Mesolithic Way? Experimental Insights into thermal damaging of flint Artefacts in prehistoric Fire-places See Abstract by Halbrucker (BE)
15:40 Discussion Discussion
16:10 Coffee Break
16:30 Session 2E
Location: Auditorium
Session 2F
Location: Aula 1
16:30 Paper 41: Experimental Research on the Neanderthal Musical Instrument from Divje babe I Cave (Slovenia) See Abstract
by Turk (SL)
Paper 45: Searching for Function of the Mesolithic Bâtons Percés. New Experiments, new archaeological Data See Abstract
by Osipowicz (PL)
16:50 Paper 42: Fire against Bone: Identifying the Effects of Fire on Bone Structure through Experimental Approaches See Abstract
by Chatzikonstantinou (GR)
Paper 46: The Functionality of Battle-Axes: using experimental Tests and Wear Analysis to test stereotypical and dated Assumptions of Use See Abstract
by Roy (UK)
17:10 Paper 43: Artefacts and cremation. Cremation Experiments to Reconstruct the Function of Ceramic Vessels in the Funerary Ritual See Abstract
by Fülöp (HU)
Poster 27: Experimental Approach to the Impact Fractures Analysis: an Attempt of Correlation between Impact Fracture Types and Causation on Mousterian Points See Abstract by Gavrilović (IT)
Poster 28: Mining at Pozarrate: applying experimental Approaches to understand the Neolithic Extraction of Flint in the Sierra de Araico (Treviño, ES) See Abstract by López Tascón (ES)
Poster 29: Flint and Fire: Alteration of Tool Surface on Micro-Scale See Abstract by Petrović (IT)
17:30 Paper 44: Smoke on the water, fire in the sky. An experimental Approach to the Study of the late Epigravettian Combustion Features from the open-air Site of Arco via Serafini (Trentino, Northern Italy) See Abstract
by Poti (IT)
Poster 30: Stone & Metal: Experimental Reproduction of a stone Monument of the Metal Age, between Liguria and Tuscany (IT) See Abstract by Ratti (IT)
Poster 31: The Arrowheads of the Squared-Mouthed-Pottery Culture: Reconstruction and shooting Experiment to understand the Needs, Advantages and Problematics of flint projectiles See Abstract  by Sartori (IT)
Poster 32: TBA
17:50 Discussion Discussion
18:30 EXARC Annual General Meeting
Location: Auditorium
21:00 Dinner (at own expenses, need to be organised by yourself)


Day 3 - Saturday, May 4, 2019

What: Where: Price:
Excursion 1 Bolzano/Bozen (Iceman Museum) & Val Senales (archeoParc) – Theme Copper Age, incl. Bus, Program & Lunch Read more 55 EUR
Excursion 2 Ledro & Fiavé (lake dwelling sites), Garda Lake – Theme Bronze Age, incl Lunch, incl. Bus, Program & Lunch Read more 45 EUR
Excursion 3 Trento (Roman and historical city) & Wine Tasting Read more 35 EUR