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Roman Liubun

Member of EXARC since

Since 2015, I have been a member of the Ukrainian historical reenactment club Chorna Halych. Until 2019, together with my club, I took an active part in historical festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia. I was also a participant and assistant in the organization of the Tustan Festival (Ukraine) and various educational events and fencing tournaments. In addition, I am engaged in the craft production of leather goods. I have made reconstructions of leather shoes and belt bags from central and western Europe in the early and late Middle Ages.

I am interested in speleoarchaeology and the cultural landscape in the Bronze Age and early medieval period in western Ukraine and eastern Slovakia. After the full-scale invasion, I am engaged in monitoring the damaged cultural and historical heritage sites. I prepare statistical reports based on the available data. In the year since the start of the full-scale war, I have given short lectures about destroyed Ukrainian cultural and historical heritage monuments in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. I also co-organized a plenary session at WAC-9 in Prague on archaeology and the protection of cultural heritage during the war in Ukraine. On 24.02.2023, together with the Kernave Archaeological Museum (Lithuania), we opened an exhibition: Cultural heritage on the front line of a full-scale war.

I am still studying and working at SAHI on rescue excavations and on a project to build an archaeological park in western Slovakia.