Sverre Christoffer Guldberg cand. PhD

Member of EXARC since
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sverre.c.guldberg [at]

2008-2009: 1 yr Art History, University of Stavanger
2009-2012: BA in Archaeology and Conservation, University of Oslo
2012-2014: MA in Archaeology, University of Oslo ('The Smith on the Edge of Worlds: New perspectives on technology and ideology in the Late Norwegian Iron Age')
2014-2015: 1 yr practical blacksmithing, Handverksskulen Hjerleid
2015: 1/2 yr practical woodcarving, Handverksskulen Hjerleid
2018-2019: Advisor and researcher in the Conservation Department, Museum of Archaeology (University of Stavanger)

2019-2023: Currently doing a cross-discipline PhD ('Mind meets Matter') in archaeometry/conservation sciences at the Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger. Using Stavanger Cathedral (1125 AD), lime and mortar technology as a case, the project revolves around raising awareness of the different ways that knowledge production has played a part in peoples' lives over time, and the implications of 'modernity' on archaeological interpretation and ability to conserve historical buildings.

I have experience with iron production, lime production, tar production and coal production and have worked on-site for the restoration-conservation of Stavanger Cathedral.

Current experimental projects involve building a lime kiln for local mortar production and learning the old craft of mortar production. I also have cross-technology (mostly iron and lime) projects that I would like to put into action, as a part of the PhD or otherwise.

I am a member of EXARC, Nordisk Forum for Bygningskalk and The Building Limes Forum. I am also in the committée for the Norwegian Forum for Experimental Archaeology and organise the UiS research school ITEM in radical interdisciplinarity for 2020. Feel free to contact me for contribution to any of these.