Sverre Christoffer Guldberg cand. PhD

Member of EXARC since
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sverre.c.guldberg [at]

2008-2009: 1 yr Art History, University of Stavanger
2009-2012: BA in Archaeology and Conservation, University of Oslo
2012-2014: MA in Archaeology, University of Oslo ("The Smith on the Edge of Worlds: New perspectives on technology and ideology in the Late Norwegian Iron Age")
2014-2015: 1 yr practical blacksmithing, Handverksskulen Hjerleid
2015: 1/2 yr practical woodcarving, Handverksskulen Hjerleid

2019-2023: Currently doing a cross-discipline PhD ("Man meets Matter") in archaeometry/conservation sciences at The Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger. Using Stavanger Cathedral (1125 AD), lime and mortar production as a case, the project revolves around raising awareness of the different ways that science and knowledge production has played a part in peoples' lives over time and raising a critical voice to how modern archaeology fails to catch its own faults in dividing body-from-mind in socio-technological interpretation.

I have experience with iron production, lime production, tar production and coal production and work on-site for the restoration-conservation of Stavanger Cathedral.

Current experimental projects involve building a lime kiln for local mortar production and learning the old craft of mortar production. I also have cross-technology (mostly iron and lime) projects that I would like to put into action, as a part of the PhD or otherwise.

I am also in the committee for the Norwegian Forum for Experimental Archaeology. Let me know if you would be interested in contributing!