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Siani Anne Overstreet

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When did I start? So long ago I do not exactly recall. I've done very early hunting since the seventies. I learned to make my own arrows and bows to historic models. I'm learning to knap flint into points. I've learned to use the atlatl and darts, the sling (Balearic in this case). I've done AWI and 7 Years War living history although as an individual rather than as a group. I learned to smith iron and steel. I've learned to work with furs, hides, leather. I've dabbled in medieval reenactment and recreation. I have a real love of trying to find out how something was done, then do it myself as close to accurate as I can, and then see *why* they did what they did in the way that they did it. A particular love for ancient history and the stone ages. Working on Ötzi replica gear currently. I like bushcraft, backpacking, canoeing, hiking, all favorite activities. Especially done in kit and clothing. Sorry to ramble.