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Ursula Sattler

Member of EXARC since

Hi, I‘m Ursula. I am an objects conservator, based in Switzerland. Next to working in the Museum and having access to finds, I‘m in reenactment as an active part of the Legio XI from Vindonissa, portraying the time between 70-100 A.D.

I‘m interested in the civilian life in and in the vicinity of Roman military camps. Particularly in the life of women.

At the moment I‘m working on my new dress and gear for a free woman in the provinces at that time. I‘m getting more and more familiar with everything textile and also I started looking into Roman cooking and how it was organized in the city, in the camp, in rural areas. Also, we are working on speaking like the gallo romans of that time. Important for orders in the military, but of course for civilians as well.