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Between 1997 and 2007 I researched a PhD in Archaeology, at Edinburgh University, looking at the objects interpreted as clay drums, from the archaeological assemblages known as the Trichterbecher culture (TRB - 3300-2700 BC). During this time I constructed models of the different drum styles in order to investigate the techniques of attaching a drum-skin. I have also carried out research on different wind instruments, and percussive objects from the Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age which, while they have involved some work making bone objects with flint tools, have also explored the experiential side of playing the instruments. Part of this exploration involves looking at different available organic materials which may have been used for instrument construction. As is clear my main research interest is music-archaeology although I am a proficient basketeer having taught willow basket weaving to children and adults, I am also a keen potter, have put my hand to silver smithing. I have spoken at the International Study Group of Music Archaeology, taught a series of Life Long Learning Lectures at Bristol University, I am affiliated with The Acoustic and Music in British Prehistory Network and co-organised the Music session at the 32nd Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group. I am an Honorary Research Fellow at Bristol University.