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Lara Comis PhD

Member of EXARC since

The first time Lara got in contact with experimental archaeology was in 1995. As an ERASMUS student at the University of Edinburgh, she attended Nicholas Dixon’s Underwater Archaeology and contributed to building one of the wattle walls of the Scottish Crannog Centre. After graduating in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Tuscia – Viterbo (IT), she went to the University of Exeter (UK) and attained a Master in Experimental Archaeology (2003) focussing on methodology.  

Comis joined EXARC and carried out independent research while being a freelance professional archaeologist and cultural mediator. In 2017, she won an IRC scholarship for a PhD at UCD (IE) which she attained in 2022: “Exploring the uses of Experimental Archaeology in European AOAMs. A critical study”. Her main interest is how to embed research activities in Archaeological Open-Air Museums through experimental archaeology using Citizen Science Protocols.

As an output for her research, she has created ABADIR, a non-profit sound archive free platform to which re-enactors, AOAMs and experimental archaeologists are welcome to contribute.

She is available for professional consultancies in strategic management as well as research and outreach project design, teaching, and mentorship for both institutional and private clients.