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Arturs Tomsons PhD

Member of EXARC since

I am an archaeologist working at the National History Museum of Latvia archaeology department since 2007, also a member of the Association of the Archaeologists of Latvia. I am also working on different projects as a self-employed field archaeologist. My main interest of research is ancient warfare – history of Iron Age and medieval arms and armour, as well as use and teaching of ancient technologies, skills and crafts connected with the everyday life of the peoples of the past, including flint, bronze, bone working and pottery. I am also involved in archaeology lecturing in educational institutions – University of Latvia and Latvian Academy of Arts.

Since 2013 I have organized several educational camps, which now are known as Baltic Experimental Archaeology Summer School. I also am in charge at the society “Latvijas Arheoklubs” and author of the blog about history, nature and archaeology, Arheo Studija.