Individual Members

Zhdan Zabashta

Member of EXARC since

Started back in 2010 as a founder member of the Ukrainian living history association Varuforos, which represented the military society of Kyiv in the mid-10th century. In parallel with this, as a student firstly studied history and archaeology at the Kyiv Slavic University, and later the theory and history of art at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. However, classical science studies were not interesting to me, so I focused on the experimental component of history and archaeology, as well as mediation with the general public. In different years, I was a co-organizer of historical events in Ukraine, such as the festival "Prince's Gate" (Chernihiv, 2015), "Civilization" (Kyiv, 2015-2018), living history horseback traveling event "Uchta" (2018) and the lecture "From rus to Rus: Princely Army of the 10-11th Centuries in Ukraine" in National History Museum of Ukraine (2018). In 2019 co-founder of ECHO Historical Textile, a team that recreates ancient textiles for museums, living history, and cinema projects. Our team is practicing hand weaving on various types of looms, natural dyeing, and tailoring of historical costume replicas. We are gradually expanding our expertise and have so far implemented more than 300 projects from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages. From 2020 founder of the Greuthung, a living history project about goths on the territory of Ukraine during the Late Antiquity and Migration periods. From 2021, I am a student of École Nationale supérieure de l'audiovisuel in the University of Toulouse, France with a goal to make historical documentaries and fiction films in the future.