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Tine Schenck PhD

Member of EXARC since

I'm an experimental archaeologist with a PhD from Exeter Uni (2016) and a music composer.

My PhD was an in-depth analysis and deconstruction of academic experimental archaeology, and its application for discovering intangible aspects of technology in the past, such as motivation, use, ontological ideas and taste.

The thesis performs a full deconstruction of the experimental method, followed by a reconstruction and a suggestion for a framework for accessing intangible information through experiments.

My technological specialties are pottery, organic materials (with a special focus on birch bark), basketry and general container technology. I've also worked with ground stone tools and use wear analysis.

My newest research interest is experimental music archaeology, and I would love to get in touch with more researchers in this field. Feel free to reach out!

As for now, I'm planning experiments with lithics for music purposes.