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Tomislav Ivancic

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I am Tomislav Ivančić, I come from Croatia but currently I live in Stuttgart, Germany. Ten years ago when I started my studies in Zadar University I became interested in reconstructing of flint tools and weapons. At first all my interests where focused on flint tools, but as time went by I became interested in reconstructing of everyday life of people in prehistory. That way I organised couple of workshops on lake Borovik, Croatia where we presented in series of workshops the way prehistoric (mostly neolithic) people lived. In the same project I had couple of workshops in Museums across Slavonia region. Along flintknapping my main focus is on producing of bone tools and ancient cordage production reconstruction. Right now I am unfortunately stagnating but in future I have a plan to restart project of workshops and presentations in Museums across Croatia (once I move back again). And I would like to get back in academic circles and continue the projects that where the theme of my Masters thesis (Technology of blades production on the example of finds from the Vlakno cave).