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Kacper Kwiatek

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My name is Kacper I am 21 years old and I am highly passionate about archaeology. I am currently taking studies at UCC and I'm volunteering in Cork Public Museum from November 2023. Everything started when I was around 14 years old, with a passion for Vikings and reconstruction of this period was my main passion. With my groups in which I was a member, I have visited many places and I could start gathering knowledge. Because of the activity in reenactment, I started developing skills and contacts in experimental archaeology that I want to develop in the coming years. Then I started travelling alone, so far I have been in over 40 countries mostly alone hitchhiking and sleeping in tents. My interests are focused on Scandinavia from prehistory to the Viking age with a focus on stone art and 'British' Islands with a focus on early medieval from 4th to 12 ct. My archaeology passion started 3 years ago in 2021 when I started translating a Book about Pictish Strongholds by Angus Konstam on Polish. I was invited by Prof. Gordon Noble on excavations in Tap o' North later I could join him in a few more excavations, and I started attending lectures around Europe online and in person. In 2023 I decided to go to university in Cork where I am a student at this moment. From the time I came to Ireland, I became a member of many amazing societies: Historic Scotland, The Ulster Archaeological Society, Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, Scottish Society for Northern Studies, Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art, UCC Archaeological Society and Viking Society for Northern Studies. I am currently doing 3D scans and models for the Cork Public Museum and slowly preparing my project about 'Connections between important/trading/ritual centres with coastal trade towns and villages in the Viking period'. (Details will be available after September 2024). I want to get better knowledge about the Prehistoric period that's why I also started doing research for some Megalithic projects in future.