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Rauf Ersenal

Member of EXARC since

Conducting research on the clay, pigments and firing techniques used in Cyprus from the Neolithic, Early-Middle and Late Bronze periods to the Iron Age for over twenty years. To implement and promote two important projects for the international promotion and protection of the cultural heritage in the north of Cyprus. One of these is the International Ayia Irini Terracotta Symposium and the other is the International Vounous Terracotta Symposium. Our aim is to create replicas of the works taken abroad from Cyprus and return them, albeit symbolically, to the land of their birth. Vounous Symposium is held every year in September. In this symposium, we produce Early and Middle Bronze ceramics and bronze tools with primitive methods. A documentary about this project was also published by EXARC. In the future, we dream of turning Vounous into an open-air museum that will also include experimental archeology activities.