Individual Members

Juriaan van der Ster

Member of EXARC since
the Netherlands

I have studied Archaeology (MA) of North-Western Europe and Heritage Management and (Medieval) History (BA) at Leiden University. From a young age I have been involved with re-enactment of the Napoleonic Wars and Dutch Revolt/Eighty Years War. Both periods still hold my interest, but in the meantime my focus has shifted to the daily life during all pre-modern eras, but mainly the broad Medieval period. The development of subjects like housing, food, agriculture and crafts trough out the decades holds my interest especially.

My professional interest lies in heritage management (mainly of archaeological sites and historical constructions) by (local) governments, and education through living history and experimental archaeology in (open-air) museums or other settings. I have also recently taken up the craft of model making and am currently working on scale model houses for an exhibition.

I am also still a re-enactor of the Napoleonic era as well as the Eighty Years War, as a member of the 'Vereniging Levende Geschiedenis Nederland' (VLGN) and 'Spiesdraegers 1625', but I am looking to explore the possibilities of focusing on living history of other periods as well. My most recent personal projects are assembling a kit for a (roughly) 9th century leatherworker or trader from Frisia as well as expanding my 1620s kit/portrayal to include more civilian aspects.

Please feel free to get in touch!