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Miggl Spyra

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Coming from an art and history involved family I not only started painting/drawing early age but also have been around historical site, museum an even excavations as youngsters.
In 2017 I combined that all with my passion for body-art and started tattooing the ancient way without machine.
The deep love for the prehistoric cave paintings inspires the designs I mostly do. But there are also bronze age petroglyphs, scythian art and so much more all the way up to my own interpretations of “viking-tattoos”.
Not only am I doing history inspired design, also I'm experimenting with applying ink the ancient way with bone needles and other methods. When working in museums I do not only tattoo, I also talk about the rich history of tattooing in the past. Beside the tattooing I also do living history from the stone age all the way up to the viking age.