Individual Members

Wim van Broekhoven

Member of EXARC since
the Netherlands

More than 25 years a Roman re-enactor with an interest in all aspects of human life as it was. But as a cheese maker by profession particularly interested in the dairy products of ancient times, both local and Roman. Using my profession as a basis for research in dairy products I try to recreate the production processes using the recreated tools of the trade. Over the years I've worked regularly as a guest-teacher, as a part-time technical advisor for various productions, published articles on several subjects. As a re-enactor I displayed various trades such as agrimensor, medicus, augur, lanista,dairy farmer and centurio at events and as a volunteer in Archeon, Museumpark Orientalis and, currently,at preHistorisch Dorp. 20 years ago I started, with some like minded people, The Corbulo Foundation which undertakes, or takes part in, various Roman themed projects as for instance the short movie "Het Houten Zwaard". When not working or re-enacting I'm wor king on the novelization of Het Houten Zwaard script. The next book will be on ancient dairy techniques.