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Museo de la Mineria del Pais Vasco (ES)

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Mining Museum of the Basque Country - Archaeological survey along all the Basque Country to locate “ferrerias de monte”. Selected archaeological digs. Reconstruction of a medieval iron workshop due to realize public demonstrations for experimental archaeometallurgy congresses, schools and general public.

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The main aim of the mining museum of the Basque Country is to protect, preserve and communicate to the general public the importance of protecting our mining heritage, which goes back to the ancient Romans. Roman iron mine remains exist to this day.
Along with this, there is a team of archaeologist who for the last 14 years has been carrying out a research program to try and find the origins of steel in the area. In addition to the archaeological digs we have reconstructed a medieval iron workshop using the same methods available at that time. We also do outdoor experiments to aid in our research.

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