Archeopark Zivá archeológia Hanusovce (SK)

Archaeology and history of Eastern Slovakia is represented in the Archeopark with five dwellings re-constructed on the base of archaeological findings from the Palaeolithic to the Early Middle Ages.

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The Archeopark was accomplished with EU and other institutions' support. All the dwellings are furnished with objects of daily use and typical activities are available for the visitor to try out.
The Aurignacien Culture dwelling hosts meat and leather processing structures. In the neolithic dwelling, the Tiszadob Culture (half of the 6th millennium BC) is illustrated also in their distinctive style with Eastern Linear Ceramics. The Bronze Age (Gáva Culture from the late Bronze Age, 9th – 8th century BC) houses metalworking activities and the Iron Age La Tene (half of the 1st century BC) dwelling has a pottery kiln and the potter's workshop. The Slavic era (9th century AD) shows a bread oven.
The Archaeopark is surrounded by a wooden palisade which is not a fortification replica from a specific period but represents a simple fortification common both to the prehistoric and to early medieval periods.

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