Opfermoor Vogtei (DE)

In 1990, the middle point of Germany was being calculated – it happened to be in the area of three municipalities: Oberdorla, Niederdorla and Langula. This sounded like a good occasion to attract tourists.

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The middle point was right next to a sacrificial bog (Opfermoor Vogtei) which had been excavated in the years 1957-1964 by professor Behm – Blancke. The three municipalities joined forces and set up an association (Zweckverband Mittelpunkt Deutschlands) and an archaeological open-air museum was soon opened, complete with two reconstructed houses and a little exhibition. Theme is religion and cult of the Iron Age, although partly earlier and later periods are covered as well.

The museum is run by a manager and an exhibition leader. There is an advisory board with archaeologists and historians but there are no experiments executed. The education programme offers activities like cooking over open fire, baking bread and other things the Bronze Age way, spinning & weaving, shooting with bow and arrow and throwing spears.

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