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Animal Skin Tanning

open for all

These workshops will focus on tanning animal skins. Each participant will not only leave with a soft and usable skin, but also the skills and knowledge to continue this art and home and revive our ancient wisdom. This process leads the participants to have a deep respect for the animals who have surrendered their skins, and for the immense skill of our own ancestors who relied on this art. 

Sat. 20th & Sun. 21st July: Two-day sheepskin tanning €180 per participant

Sat. 5th October: Rabbit pelt tanning €75 per participant

Sun. 6th October: Fish skin tanning €75 per participant


Contact Info

Pre-booking essential. To book, contact us on 053 9120733 or go to our website

The Irish National Heritage Park


Co. Wexford Y35 X313


00 353 53 9120733