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Irish National Heritage Park (INHP) (IE)

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Near the town of Wexford at Ferrycarig, the 35 acres large Irish National Heritage Park (Pairc Naisiunta Oidhreacht na hEireann) depicts several periods and sites, important to Irish Past, going back a total of 9,000 years.

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Full-scale reconstructions of the types of homesteads, places of ritual of worship, burial modes, and other, long forgotten, remains were carefully planned under archaeological guidance. The Park consists of diverse environmental settings including woodland, open fields, lakes, riverside and wet meadows. This has enabled each site to be located in its proper natural setting, exactly as it would have been originally. For example, the Mesolithic hut is surrounded by trees of willow, birch, hazel, and pine, typical of the Irish woodland following the Ice age.

The Park has 16 sites with among others a Ringfort, a crannog as well as a Celtic settlement and a Viking house, Norman castle and a monastery.

There are plenty options for hands on experience for those visiting. Living history is part of the programme, especially at events.

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