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Bow and Spear Thrower Building Course

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You always wanted to build a bow and arrow or spear thrower? Under the guidance of the experienced archaeologist Jürgen Junkmanns each participant will make a traditional wooden bow or a spear. Everyone will also learn to create wooden arrows and spears including feathering from natural feathers. At the end of the course you will have your own prehistoric hunting weapons to try and shoot for the first time!

The number of participants is limited. There are a maximum of twelve course places available.

Course dates: 9 & 10 May 2020
duration: Saturday 10 am–6pm and Sunday 10 am–5pm
Costs: Fr. 320.- / children Fr. 160.- (incl.material) Children can only participate if accompanied by an adult.

Information and registration:
Jürgen Junkmanns
Frankenstr. 45
D-50374 Erftstadt
Tel. +49 157 74 30 87 01

Registration deadline is April 12, 2020.