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Heksia - the magical World of Witches and Pagans

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
the Netherlands

Witchcraft is alive! At Easter you dive into the atmospheric environment of the Pre-Historic Village in the world of rituals and magic. For three days we let ourselves be carried away by witches and pagans. A festival for everyone: for fairy-tale lovers from young to old, for modern witches and for pagans who like to wander in the past.

Our beautiful open-air museum has the ultimate spots for it: from the Sacred Oak to the Scary Forest in prehistoric times, and from the small houses in the Middle Ages to the great noble farm from the time of Franks and Vikings. Of course there is also attention for less fortunate times on our medieval square: here we take you to the madness surrounding witch prosecutions. Why were witches burned in the past? What is a witch anyway? How did people celebrate annual festivals? And did you know that witches exist now?

Come and see and be amazed about rituals, differences and similarities in the belief in gods and the world after death. Let yourself be weighed on the witch's wagon, browse through the real witch stuff on the market stalls, participate in a witch circle or listen to fascinating stories during the walks.

There is also plenty to do for children: come and see our witch in the puppet show, make your own protection rune, listen to Bastiana's most beautiful witchy fairy tales or brew your own witch soup. A new festival that wants to celebrate the Pre-Historic Village with everyone who feels connected to the rituals of the past and for everyone who is just curious about the mysterious magical world of witches and pagans.

Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for the latest news about this brand new event in the prehistoric village. Be the first to park your broom in our bicycle shed? Make sure you buy your tickets in advance!

Early bird Heksia until March 31: € 10 Price Heksia from April 1: € 12.50