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Paths of archaeology. Science - Culture - Pop culture

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Are you interested in the scientific research and achievements of archaeology? Are you a schoolmate and don’t you know what to choose to study in the future? Are you a teacher or a parent and do you want to inspire children with the scientific knowledge? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions and you love films, books and games with archaeological background, this event is just for you!
The Festival "Paths of archaeology. Science - Culture - Pop culture" is dedicated to archaeology in a broad sense. We want to show how important is the cultural heritage, what is the main purpose of archaeological work and what the artefacts “do” on their way from the archaeological excavations to the museum exhibitions and scientific publications. We want to talk about the principles of archaeological documentation and conservations and about other scientific disciplines that have a deep impact on the development of archaeological research. We will answer to some important questions, for example “Why the archaeological context is so important?” And we will show you that modern and popular culture is strongly inspired by archaeology. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft are archaeologists and the references to this field of science you can find in different games, music and novels.
Institutes of Archaeology and archaeological museums from Poland will present themselves and their achievements during the Festival. The enthusiasts of pop culture will have a good opportunity to meet and talk to the authors of popular novels.

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WGS84 – 52° 47′ 4″ N, 17° 44′ 36″ E (52.784444, 17.743333)
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Biskupinie
Biskupin 17
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