2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord

Workshop Needlebinding | Nålbinding

Workshop Needlebinding. Photo by Rian van Zantvoort

By Rian van Zantvoort

Nålbinding is one of the oldest handcraft techniques. The oldest needlebinding (so far) has been found in a cave in Israel and are about 10,000 years old. One of the first needle-stitched garments is a pair of sandal socks from Egypt. They are made somewhere between 250 and 420 AD and perfectly preserved. There are many different needle stitches, 184 variations, but in the hours with me the focus is on a single one, the mammen stitch. We are going to attach and tie off, connect, increase (make bigger) and decrease (make smaller). If there is time left, we can try other techniques. The booklet explains all the steps again, plus a second stitch and how to get started with different projects, such as a sock, hat and mittens.


Time: 3 hours
Participants: 4-6 people per group
Minimum age: 12 years old
Costs: € 30 per person, this includes the materials, a bone needle, a ball of wool and the needle binding booklet.


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