2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord

Workshop Natural Textile Dyeing

By Katarzyna Stasinska

Participants would learn how to dye fibres using popular Medieval dyeing plants (madder, weld and woad). We will try different mordants and modifiers, to receive a variety of shades from one plant. We will also observe effect on different fibres such as silk, linen and wool. All participants will receive sets of samples to take home.


Time: 6 hours
Participants (max): maximum 8 people per group
Minimum age: 18 yrs.
Costs: € 50 per person


About Katarzyna Stasinska: I have graduated in 2015 from the University of Wroclaw with a BA in Archaeology, currently (in 2019) I am completing an MA in Artefact Studies on the University College London. My studies are deeply connected to my passion for natural dyeing and other fibre crafts and have allowed me to develop it further.