2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord

Workshop Working with Willow

Working with Willow. Photo by Leo Wolterbeek

By Leo Wolterbeek

Salix, especially willows, have been used by humans for thousands of years. Of course we all know baskets in all shapes and sizes, many of you also know the applications in the construction of prehistoric houses and huts such as reed slats, braiding walls and binding material. Some may also know the application in the thatched roof as binding. Many excavations show that this fantastic tree has been used throughout the centuries, certainly up to the Middle Stone Age. I myself have seen a thatched roof of a barn that was even bound with willow cloves in the 1930s (and remained no less than 80 years!). After the use had almost ceased, except for the baskets, there has been a revival in the reconstructions of prehistoric houses and everything around it. Yet few people know how to make beautiful and strong bonds with willow, or how to braid a strong shot, or a “tune”, a fence of sturdy willows.

Do you want to learn that? This is your chance! We will see what is possible in 2 times half a day and then practice it ourselves. You will be amazed at how strong a willow connection can be! Do you think that is too long, or do you want to do a lot of other things, too (or do you secretly think that you don't have enough callus on your hands, which you don't have to do for many things!), Then you can also come for half an hour watch and I'll explain something to you.


Time: 2 x 3 hours, or ½ hour
Participants (min/max):
Minimum age: 12 yrs.
Costs: € 30 or € 10 per person


About Leo Wolterbeek: My work has always been about love for nature and the outdoors. I work since decades in building and maintaining wooden constructions which you find in most Dutch archaeological open-air museums. More: https://exarc.net/members/ind/leo-wolterbeek