2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord

Workshop Netting

By Lucia Ros

Netting is an amazing technique our ancestors invented to make life a bit easier; it's flexible, lightweight and usable for multiple purposes like transportation of goods and hunting/ fishing. The oldest known nets are made of various plant fibers (nettle, willow,lime) and date back to 9300 BP! (Antrea Net, Finland)

During this workshop you will learn the basics of two types of netting: Knotted and knottless. You will have a possibility to create your own samples and learn how to start, increase, decrease and end the nets. We will work with flax cord, wooden shuttles and bone needles. And of course you can take your work home afterwards.


Time: 3 hours
Participants (min/max): maximum 8 people per group
Minimum age: 12 yrs.
Costs: € 20 per person


About Lucia Ros: Lucia has experience and various skills in prehistoric technology and runs Prehistory Alive Worldwide; a company which brings the past back to life by education and entertainment.