2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord

Workshop Spoon Carving

Workshop Spoon Carving. Photo by Tom Hendriks

By Tom Hendriks

Learn the age old craft of spoon carving in this workshop. Participants will get a roughly pre-formed spoon or spatula to practice different carving skills on. All tools and materials will be provided by the workshop leader. Participants who wish to do so can buy a carving knife for an extra ca. € 20.


Time: 4-6 hours
Participants: 5-6 people per group
Minimum age: 16 years old
Costs: € 50 per person


About Tom Hendriks: I have followed several professions, like work in the architectural world, being a cultural worker, tour guide and having had my own eatery and massage therapy. However, I also like to work with my hands in a different way, with wood. I have been involved in historical festivals for a while now and for that I taught myself to cut spoons and make other things out of wood. More information