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Loncarski Center Bahor, zavod za razvoj in promocijo loncarstva (SI)

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We are a pottery center and part of our activities is dealing with replicas. We provide researches of ancient pottery techniques and use of the ceramic items. We are a nonprofit private institution.


Pottery Center Bahor, Institute for the Development and Promotion of Pottery - we have a unique place, an outdoor place where we build replicas prehistoric kilns. We work with students of Archeology Faculty of Ljubljana- to provide practice on ceramic themes. Our team uses the facilities to offering a wide diversity of courses on material culture, ancient technology, and experimental archaeology, but not only for adults- we have a lot of schools, pupils to work with.

Center eksperimentalne arheologije v Kanjem dolu

Slovenski magazin 16.11.2018

Žganje posod na staroslovanski način

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Predavanje o Gričkem lončarstvu

Terra sigilata delavnica za študente arheologije

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