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Moscow Ethnographic Society (RU)

Member of EXARC since

MES -  Московское этнографическое общество (under supervision of its founder Yury Gabrov) researches in ethnology and anthropology, gives lectures in various related fields. We organize public or private events, such as living history, demonstrating and teaching traditional knowledge and techniques (in cooking, arts, crafts, music, weaponry and economy) from the Stone Age onwards. We unite people who do the same, share our experience in conferences, publications and social media. Usually festivals is our thing.


Our projects include:

  1. Artificis Plateae. Researching and performing music of the Middle Ages, musical folklore of Europe, traditional slavic music;
  2. Между Рек (Between Rivers). Researching and performing music of Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Stone Age music;
  3. Научный Семинар МКК (Academic Seminars in MNC). Small conferences (usually with one or two speakers) in various social sciences held in the Museum of Nomadic Culture (Moscow);
  4. Times and Epochs. An annual international historical festival in Moscow, where we represent a certain era or culture;
  5. A History of. Interactive classes (mostly for school kids and their parents) where we show and tell a history of basic things we use in everyday life, such as money, light, alphabet etc.;
  6. Experimental Archaeology. We research and teach a traditional craft with the use of historical tools and materials. It can be cooking, painting, metal working, using a bow and a spearthrower or something else;
  7. Living history and ethnology. This could be a lesson or a presentation on a historical figure of choice or a certain tribe or even a country. A living history event also can be a lesson on a historical conflict between two opposing sides (e.g. wars between slavs and turkic nomads) with a weapons master class;
  8. Historical Kitchen. This is a personal favourite of Yury Gabrov, who studies historical and traditional cooking, developing and trying useable recipies and culinary technologies starting from the Stone Age and on to present-day national cuisines.

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