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Éva Halbrucker PhD

Member of EXARC since

I am currently doing my PhD research on flint artefacts from the transitional period of Mesolithic to Neolithic in Belgium by use-wear analysis. For this research, I perform a lot of experiments using flint tools for 'Mesolithic activities', like plant or hide processing. But my contact with experimental started almost 10 years ago, during my BA education in Hungary, where I attended yearly on the study days of the Matrica Museum and Archaeological Park (Százhalombatta, Hungary). After finishing my MA, I worked in this museum for a year and organised exhibitions and activities for the public showing experimental archaeology and living history. At this archaeological park, I also conducted harvesting of ancient crops with flint inserted sickles for several seasons. Tools used for one of these harvests served as a reference collection for my MSc thesis at Leiden University about the analysis of sickle blades from Százhalombatta-Földvár, a Bronze Age tell settlement. For my PhD, I am also doing fire experiments in order to investigate the impact of burning on the preservation of use-wear traces.