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I work in the field of experimental archaeology for more than 15 years. Mainly, I specialize in the analysis of function (using use-wear method) of the prehistoric stone and bone/ antler tools. However, my interest apply also to many other areas, like Stone Age building techniques or processing techniques of the different raw materials in prehistory. As an example of more interesting works of this type I’ve realized, that were finished with publications,

I can give researches on: bone and antler softening techniques in prehistory, method of birch tar production without the use of pottery, different types of Stone Ages projectile points and techniques of making holes in stone axes. My present experimental archaeology works concerns i. a. possible function on the Mesolithic flint tools called “curved knives”, process of creation of the flint scatters (from the point of view of the influence of post depositional processes), function and (generally) spatial organization of the Mesolithic camps. I was also a manager of the experimental reconstructions of three prehistoric buildings. Two of them were described in EXARC online Journal (2015/1), the third one is ongoing.

For three years, in the Institute of Archaeology, Nicolaus Copernicus University (IA UMK), I run classes on experimental archaeology (from this year also for foreign students); for five years on use-wear method (also in English). For 10 years I am a tutor and scientific coordinator of the works of Society for Experimental Prehistoric Archaeology working in IA UMK. Together, we conduct multifaceted research on experimental archaeology, which you can find out more on our web site: I have organized a few experimental archaeology camps. Now, I’m a co-creator of the mini open-air museum, built at IA UMK.