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Jesús Antonio Iglesias Patón

Member of EXARC since
Crafts & Skills

I started my activities in 2006 when I have made first contact with the Duncarron project in Scotland, since then, I have studied the production systems from the Bronze Age up to the 11th century but my specialty is the Iron Age. After a few years in Scotland, I came back to Spain and started my own educational project using experimental archaeology as a tool to encourage the study of history in schools and colleges. Nowadays I cooperate with "Poblado Cantabro de Argüeso", Almería University and I organize experimental workshops for families. I´m practicing on different disciplines as pottery (specially roman lucernae), bronze casting, manufacturing of wood lathe, historical furniture... 
My advice to other members, we have a great deal of responsibility showing to others how our ancestors worked and lived, there is no room for non-objective information.