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Phoebe Baker BA MSc

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United Kingdom
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I have a BA in Archaeology from the University of Liverpool and an MSc in Early Prehistory and Human Origins from the University of York. I have developed a specialism in early clothing technologies, particularly exploring the question of Neanderthal clothing and what Middle Palaeolithic clothing might have looked like.

My most recent project examines whether Neanderthals needed footwear, using experimental archaeology to explore how simple or complex footwear needs to be to provide warmth, comfort and/or protection. This is an extension of my MSc thesis, which reviewed the current environmental, archaeological and biological evidence for Neanderthal footwear. 

In the past, I have have also examined whether adhesives such as birch bark tar may have played a part in early clothing construction.

I currently work full-time in archaeological geophysics. I am also a volunteer for EXARC, where I am one of the hosts of the #FinallyFriday podcast.